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Next-gen Blockchain Technology

Kepler brings blockchain to the next level
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Confidential Assets

No blinded confidential assets

Transactions can still cross out

In the same transaction, there can be different assets, plus one kernel.

Outputs must be tagged with known asset IDs

A global ledger of Asset IDs

Unite asset IDs

Create, issue and burn tokens

Public keys (multisig) are embedded during token creation

Anyone can burn tokens

What is MimbleWimble?

MimbleWimble(MW) is a not-so-new cryptography method which has found its way into blockchain technology thanks to Grin and Beam. MW uses elliptic-curve cryptography that requires smaller keys than other cryptography types, it reduces overhead, making the blockchain's network usage highly efficient.

Scaling for the future

Kepler only needs about 10% of the data storage requirements used by Bitcoin and other traditional blockchain platforms. This allows for Kepler to scale further into the future.

hush hush it's confidential!

This is where Kepler shines. By making use of the MW protocol, Kepler is inherently built for privacy, speed and security. Combine all of that and add Confidential Assets and we have an amazing product!.